I took the Simple Living Pledge!

I’m not one to do the New Years Resolution thing.  I used to, but without fail I’d forget my resolution or just give it up within the first 2 weeks of the new year.  I believe that each new day is a new beginning.  You don’t have to wait an entire year to get in shape, be a nicer person, more loving, less stressed etc.  With every sunrise you can “start over”.

While doing my routine Facebook perusing this morning I clicked on a blog update from A Bowl Full Of Lemons & saw the Simple Living Pledge & decided to jump right in.  Not because it’s a new year but because this is something I took on last summer & have been so much happier ever since.  I liked the idea of joining a group of others that are doing the same thing.  I want to share ideas & learn new ones.

I’ve wanted a simpler life for many reasons.  I want my children to grow up appreciating the simpler things in life.  A gorgeous sky, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the feeling of accomplishment after doing a bit of hard work. Their generation is full of video games & reality tv shows.  That isn’t living life, that’s watching it from the sidelines.  So I wanted to be an example of enjoying life, not things.

Also, I started seeing myself getting caught up in material things.  I was placing my happiness on the latest & greatest thing…clothes, jewelry or gadget.  I can’t remember where I heard it, but one day someone said “When your dead, what can you take with you?  What value will that “thing” have when you are in heaven?” It won’t have any value!  You can’t take any of your possessions with you when you die.  And there is no need for them because all you need will be provided for you by our Lord & Saviour.  To take that even further, you have to evaluate your life here on earth.  Will the new phone that does everything but your dishes make you happy for the rest of your life, or will the newness wear off by the end of the year?  Truthfully…you’ll be cussin’ that thing when it won’t connect fast enough, or when you can’t use the itty bitty keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong.  Things are great & it’s good to treat yourself if you can.  But just make sure you aren’t buying things to try & be happy.  The happy makers in life ARE simple & free.  Fresh, crisp winter air is free.  Your child’s smiling face & belly laugh are free.  Your husband putting his arms around you is free.  Doing a chore can even be a happiness maker!  Accomplishment is a big happy maker for me!

If you are so inclined, go to Kanelstrand & take the Simple Living Pledge.  We can do it together!  Discover how the simpler things in life can bring you joy!



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