Gentlemen Still Open Doors For Ladies

I love that gentlemen still open doors for ladies.  So many etiquettes from earlier decades have gone out of fashion.  Opening car doors for women, pulling out their chairs to be seated or getting up when she leaves the table.

But at least all men still open doors to buildings for ladies.  Yesterday I was waiting in my car for my daughter to come out of her basketball practice & there were many people coming in & out of the gym.  It was very cold & windy outside, so people were really bustling along.  I watched a man walking up to the door, but not in a hurry like all the others & I didn’t understand why it looked like he was hesitating with every step.  Maybe he forgot something & was trying to remember before he reached the door.  But no, he didn’t turn around, he kept moving towards the door.  Then I noticed a woman was behind him, about 30 feet behind him.  He was waiting for her to catch up with him so he could open the door for her!  THAT is class.  These people were not related because I knew each of them.  So he wasn’t trying to get husband brownie points! This man was just being polite.  A gentleman.

It just made me smile. Something that men have done through the ages.  My husband does it for me & my girls.  My dad does it for my mom.  And of course my grandpa did it for my grandma.  It seems to be the one manner that all men pass down to the next generation.  Woman may be equal in todays world, but that does not mean men can not open a door for a lady anymore.



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