Today Was A Typical Day

This is a typical day in my life. I’m curious to know if any of you have days like this…

I started my day watching some shows I DVR’d through the week.  Pioneer Woman was one of them.  I adore Pioneer Woman & will cook or bake anything she says to! She made an Apple Brown Betty that looked incredible, so I added it’s ingredients to my grocery list.

I got a rejection from for the first article I submitted to them.  But it’s ok because I know it wasn’t my best work.  Infact it kind of made me relieved because I now know they don’t just accept anything!  I’ll do better next time!

Later my youngest daughter & I headed to the grocery store to get the weeks groceries.  I spent more time there today than usual because our local store has done a bit of updating & it was actually fun to meander through the isles & do this usually boring chore. Big shout out to Pac N Save!  Love the new display cases!

We headed home, unloaded the groceries & I started on supper for the evening. Bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with ham & a side of french cut green beans.

By now my husband & oldest daughter were home from basketball practice. Next on the agenda was to load up our pickup with a weeks worth of cut wood to burn in our wood stove.  This summer my husband & I installed a wood stove to help cut down on propane costs this winter. It’s been so toasty warm in here this winter!  Some days I’m in short sleeves! We got all that loaded & then unloaded. It was now on to my Apple Brown betty.

As I was slicing up my apples the song Black Betty started running through my head & I have no idea why.  I’m making BROWN Betty, not black!  Well I hope not anyway!  But now it won’t leave me alone! As I was finishing putting the Betty together, my supper was done.  I got that all dished up, threw the Betty in the oven, ate with the family & now here I sit writing about my day.

My back hurts.  I’m tired.  I’m really sick of the song Black Betty. But I’m glad we got it all done & soon we’ll all get to relax with that warm Apple Brown Betty with a side of vanilla ice cream.  To end my day, I’m going to curl up & watch some episodes of Downton Abby on the recommendation of one of my besties. It’s been a good day!



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