Why I think of my Mother In Law everytime I clean my microwave

Hey Blog! Long time no see! How ya been? So sorry I’ve been neglecting you lately, but ya see, I got this crazy idea that I could write a book, so I’ve been spending my free time trying to get the ideas racing through my head onto the computer screen as fast as I could, ya know…before I forgot them because I’m like that!

But you are not the only red-headed stepchild in this house. This morning when I was trying to melt the rock hard butter for my toast in the microwave, it spilled out of its container onto the glass turny plate thing, forcing me to take it out & clean it. I had been putting off this very simple, but not important to me task for a couple of weeks. But the melty butter forced the issue today. After I cleaned the glass plate thingy, I went to put it back into the microwave & noticed it need a good clean & polish as well. I mean seriously bad. BUT…not as bad as our old microwave back in 2001. How can I be so precise with knowing exactly the year my microwave was dirtier than today? Simple. My mother in law. HUH?  I’ll explain….

When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with our last child I was put on bedrest for a week. Our oldest daughter was almost 2 & very active. My mother in law offered to come & stay with me that week to take care of our daughter since I was bed bound. People that know me, know I have a very good relationship with my mother in law. We are the lucky ones. I don’t cringe at the thought of spending time with her & I don’t think she does at the thought of spending time with me. Atleast that is what she tells me. But back in 2001, I was still trying to impress her. Ya know, letting her know I could take care of her son & her grandchild without help. Whenever I knew she’d be coming for a visit, I would make sure the house was in perfect running condition. But when you are unexpectantly put on bedrest & she offers to come within the hour, there was NOT much I could do to make my house look pristine.

For the most part it was fine. Toys picked up, clothes folded & in their proper places. But after a day of her being at our house she was bored so started to clean the things I had never THOUGHT of taking the time to clean. Here comes the part about the microwave. I was on the couch & our house plan was open, so the kitchen was right off the living room. She said “I’m going to clean your microwave.”  Ok I thought. Have at it, didn’t know it was dirty. Well apparently it was filthy! I just never paid attention! After 5 min. of her scrubbing with a wash cloth & soap, she asked if I had some lemon juice, she was going to have to fill a cup up & heat it up in the microwave to loosen the caked on stuff. I was mortified! Could it really be that bad? I mean if things boiled over, I always cleaned those spills up quickly. How could there be caked on junk? So I watched her continue to clean after she ran the microwave with the lemon juice inside. She was washing the ceiling of the microwave. For the love of Pete!  I had NEVER touched the top of that thing! Never even occurred to me to look up there. I BET it was full of caked on junk!!! The dear that she is, completed the nasty job & then went onto something else. Never once making me feel like a horrible housewife ala Marie Barone.

It is probably thanks to that week of staying at our house & taking care of me & my daughter that we are even closer today. I learned that if she could clean out that nasty microwave & not judge me or think less of my house keeping abilities, then she wasn’t the typical mother in law. She was my belle mere`, beautiful mother in law.



6 thoughts on “Why I think of my Mother In Law everytime I clean my microwave

  1. Oh my, I never realized…. You know me, I just love to clean! So, nope, I never judged you on that! ha ha This is funny and I appreciate the kind words. You make it easy to love you!


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