So I thought I’d Write A Book

After a few of you made comments on my blog posts about my writing ability, I decided I would go ahead & write that book I’ve been wanting to write since I was 12! I want to take a minute to thank you all for the encouragement & kind words because it was exactly what I needed to get me started.

I wish I would’ve written down the exact day I started. But I never think to do that until after something is completed. Example…taking “before” pictures of anything. My pictures always start “in processes”.  I guess I would say I started a month ago, give or take a day. And today I reached the finish line. It has just been uploaded to & I am waiting on word that it is done processing & is available for purchase.

My book is titled Follow A Certain Path. Not only is the title poignant to my story, it is poignant to the process it took me through. Writing is not as easy as it sounds. I had all these ideas in my head. Most of them had been in there for years. But as I sat down to start, my brain would progress faster than my fingers could type! And I wanted to say so much, but couldn’t put it all into actual words. My story kept playing out in my mind like a movie, but I couldn’t WRITE the dialogue. I got so frustrated. So there came the first “I give up!” moment. But the next day more ideas developed for my characters, it started to get a bit tragic & I was creating some good drama, so I had to sit down again & write it out.

Then I got busy with every day life & it just had to sit a few days. I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t want to think about it because I knew I’d have the same problem I had the week before…so much to say, but it was so hard to get it into words on the computer. “I give up” moment #2.

That brings us to this week. I run a daycare from my home, but this week it just worked out that I only had to work 1/2 days all week long. I actually had Monday completely off. I decided to sit down, take advantage of this rare quiet time & get this thing finished once & for all! I wrote all day long & aside from a few edits, I completed it. I was so happy to be DONE, but then came the doubts. It’s to simple, juvenile almost. No one will want to read this. Worse yet, what if they read it & think it’s hideous! “I give up” moment #3.

I had sent a synopsis in to a publishing house 2 weeks ago & on Wed. I got an acceptance letter from them saying they loved my short story & would love to publish it. I was ecstatic!  It wasn’t bad! Someone from an actual publishing house LIKED it! I was beside myself. But wait…that was too easy. Wasn’t it? I only sent in the 1st portion of my story & they were saying they wanted to publish it without edits. I read further down the letter: To publish with us, our packages start out at $6000.00. Agh. There it is. They want me to pay THEM to publish my book. That doesn’t sound right! So I did a little research online & low & behold, they were a real publishing company, but one that will publish anything. Probably would publish the phone book if ya sent it to them…along with $6000.00. “I give up!” moment #…where are we? Oh yes, 4.

But that last “give up” moment only lasted an hour. I was mad! I felt that my book was actually pretty descent. It had a good solid story line, just needed a few tweeks to the details & I needed a better ending. I’ve come this far…I didn’t want to give it all up now. Not when I was so close to finishing. So today I went back & I made all the improvements to the story, made up a cover for the book & I self published it on It will be downloadable on Kindle, ipad, ipod & any computer by tomorrow morning. I think this will be a good way to get my story out there & get some great feedback from REAL people. Not people who are trying to rip naive newbie writers off!

I’m proud of myself. This book was a long time coming for me. And it’s a big accomplishment. Even it if isn’t a literary success, I will always be proud of the fact that I did NOT give up when I was discouraged like I sometimes do. Instead I carried on & followed through down my certain path. That is the best gift writing this book has given me!



7 thoughts on “So I thought I’d Write A Book

  1. Hey Sarah,

    I have to say congrats cause this is so awesome! I’m a writer as well and in the process of writing a book. I’d love to chat with you more and maybe we can help eachother as well. So proud of you and keep up the great work. Writing isn’t easy but it is such an awesome thing.


    • I am SO happy for you Amy b/c I know you write VERY well! I would be happy to give each other tips as we go along! I’ve learned so much already in a short amount of time. I can’t wait to read your book!!


      • ya that would be awesome to get together. How are you putting your book together? Do you have a outline? If you have yahoo or skype let me know and we can talk more about it…I look forward to it. I don’t have much time to write my book since I’m doing other things as well but I try to always put in a hour at the least. I’ll send you my skype and yahoo id on facebook so that you can add me if you do have em.


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