My Love/Hate relationship with makeup!

Every day I look in the mirror & wonder…do I need make up today? And without pause I am troweling it on. Ugh.

I loved make up when I was 13. A new adult priviledge, to wear make up. I bought the same things my mom bought, because that’s what you do when you are first starting out in anything, copy your mom! All went well for many years. I mastered the art of coving up zits & blemishes, but was always secretly jealous of the girls that didn’t have to wear make up. I always wondered if I had never started, would I have been able to live a make up free life too? But it was too late. My skin had uneven tone, was dry in some spots, oily in others. I real facial train wreck.

In my late teens I started using Proactive & it worked beautifully. Funny how no one came & asked ME to do a commercial for them! But it really did work very well & for a number of years I experienced excellent skin.

THEN I had kids. “Whoa!” went the hormones & they decided to make themselves seen on my face. Proactive didn’t work this time, but the tanning bed did! I regretfully overheard a friend of mine say that whenever she got a zit, she went to the tanning bed & it dried right up. Plus, she didn’t have to wear heavy foundation anymore because of her “natural” looking tan. SOLD! I became Nebraska’s Malibu Barbie with beautifully tanned skin & a blemish free face.

Then I started to read articles on how tanning isn’t good for your skin & how the cancer risks are pretty great. Still young, I chose to ignore & went on tanning. Those 2o minutes were my “me” time & I didn’t want to give it up. Two painful mole removals later & a huge sun spot on my left cheek & I decided it had to end.

But now what to do about my face that went immediately pale, except for the nice brown sun spot on the left cheek. I ordered some foundation from Cat Cosmetics & fell in love with make up again. Cat was an actress on my favorite soap at the time & she had flawless skin. Her make up promised to make me look like her! And in all honesty, it was great stuff. Pricy, but great!

But here is where the hate comes in again…the older I get, the more my skin changes. Especially when the seasons change. I just can’t seem to make any one product work for me for very long! It is so frustrating. What will make my skin look smooth & polished one day, will become a caked up mess the next. What is the deal?!  I know, hormones, seasonal changes etc…::sigh::

So here I am. Just got done trying yet another line of make up, this one from Loreal. So far so good…but for how long? I am anxiously awaiting the tanning salon here in town to start offering spray tans! I know it’s in the works, so I’m very excited! I just hope it works well for me & I can be as glowing as the competitors on Dancing With The Stars!! And maybe once & for all I can be make up free!



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