FREE! Download Follow A Certain Path for free this Memorial Weekend!

To kick off your summer reading, download a copy of Follow A Certain Path on  your Kindle, PC, ipad, ipod or iphone! Click this LINK to take you to the free download page.

Follow A Certain Path takes you back in time to 1933. A young Nebraska farm couple, Leo and Louy Barr are awaiting the arrival of their first child. Their anticipation and happiness is quickly dashed when after delivering a seemingly healthy baby boy, it is announced hours later he has died.

The couple, although distraught, lean on their faith and carry on with their lives.

As their farm grows, they need to hire on help. A young man in his early twenties applies for the job, but quickly Leo notices a lot of similarities between him and his new hired man. Could this man be their dead son, Michael?

A nurse with ties to the mob has their answers. Will they be able to find her after twenty years?

Download your copy for free starting today, May 24th through May 28th to find out!

Be looking for the 2nd book in my Follow series, Follow My Lead soon!

Follow My Lead will meet up with the Barr family one year later. The story focuses on their son, Thomas and the tragic accident that leaves him blind. Will the Barr faith be strong enough to pull him through?


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