Creamy Cucumber Salad

I just made the 2nd batch of cucumber salad of the summer. It’s a staple here and always brings back one of my best memories of summer.

When my grandma, Zona Armbruster, isn’t that a cool name…Zona…anyway, when she passed away I got a few of her things. One of my favorites is her Kitchen Klatter cookbook.

The cookbook alone is a hoot because it was written when housewives still cooked with lard…daily! There stops my beating heart. But I discovered a sweet surprise when I opened the book cover,  in my grandma’s distinct handwriting was her recipe for creamy cucumber salad! The recipe is not a secret, I’m sure it’s the same as everyone’s grandma, but since this is my grandma’s recipe and this is my blog…this creamy cucumber salad recipe is the best in the world. 🙂

1 c. mayonaise

4tbsps vinegar

1/2 c. sugar

4 c. cucumbers


Mix, pour over cucumbers

While I was making my salad, I was remembering eating it at grandma and grandpa’s house. The most prominent memory of eating this yummy salad is after a long morning of “putting up corn”. She’d serve it alongside her delicious roast, some of the just picked sweet corn and of course there was homemade apple pie for dessert.

Putting up corn is a chore, but one I looked forward to. I was pretty little, but was still included in the process. The men would all go out to the sweet corn patch that had to be 100 acres large (that is an exaggeration, I have no idea how big the sweet corn patch was, but the corn never seemed to stop coming in!) and bring bushels upon bushels of corn down into grandma’s basement where all the women, my aunts and cousins, would all be set up in certain stations. First we’d all sit on crates and pull the husks and silk off the cobs. Then the corn cobs would be taken to the sink where they were gently scrubbed clean of any remaining silks & the random bug (eek)!  Then the cobs were taken to my aunts, apparently the only ones trustworthy enough to work the electric knives and they would shimmy that corn right off the cob into large roaster pans. After that, I’m not sure if they added any ingredients or not. I was little remember! But as an adult I’ve learned that some people add sugar and other things before they cook the corn. The corn was then cooked, cooled and stored in bags to be frozen and stored. There is nothing better than sweet corn in the middle of winter!

After the long morning of “putting up corn” we’d be rewarded with that wonderful home cooked meal from grandma Armbruster. Somehow we’d all fit around the small kitchen table and eat, chat and relish in the hard work we had all just put in. I miss those days of when we’d all get together and do something like that, but so thankful for the memories.

Love ya kids!



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