A Home Cooked Meal

There’s this man who has been livin’ with me for the past 17 years. He refers to himself as my husband. I vaguely remember a church and white dress, so I guess he’s not lying. Plus, he’s pretty cute, soooo…

Anyway, I’m blogging about my husband today because of a story he told me last night over supper that not only flattered me, but also made me realize he really does appreciate me.

He said that for the past month at lunch time he has noticed that no one opens their lunch box until he opens his. No one ever says anything, they all just sit, wait, look at his goods and then proceed on to their lunches.

Finally yesterday he asked them, “What’s the deal fellas?”

What they said made me smile:

“Every day you open your lunch and some delicious looking meal comes out of it.”

My husbands reply was,”It’s just left overs!”

And his co-workers responded, “Ya, but it’s always something different like BBQ‘d ribs, beef tips with snow peas, or a pasta dish that look like it came from Olive Garden. All we get is canned beef stew and Spaghetti O’s.” 

The story itself was sweet because those men pointed out that if nothing else, my husband has a wife that tries to provide him with a meal that is thought out, good tasting, and made from scratch every night whereas they are getting something from a can. But the best part of the story was the look in his eyes when he told it to me. He was proud of me. Proud that his lunch is envied every day, proud that I care so much about him to give him more than canned beef stew.

I know life is busy, I have two daughters in every sport under the sun in addition to my hungry husband, so I understand having to cook a meal from scratch after a long day of work isn’t always the easiest option. But honestly, it takes less time to make a pulled pork sandwich with steamed vegetables than it does for us to load up the car, go into town and run through a drive through. Not to mention much healthier and less expensive!

I will never claim to be an excellent cook. In fact my husband is a much better cook than I am! But I have put a lot of time and effort into learning to be a better cook over the last few years and evidently I have accomplished my task. What a nice feeling it was to hear it from the man who matters most to me!

Love ya kids!



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