Kitchen Organization

Happy 400th blog follower! Actually 402! I’m so excited that my Little Blog That Could keeps growing every day! Thank you all for following and making me feel loved! 🙂

As a celebration I am doing my first “link up” with another blog. A Bowl Full of Lemons is a blog I read weekly and just love. Toni’s ideas are so cool and easy! She is doing a 14 week challenge for a perfectly organized home and I’m ready to take the challenge! I NEED to take the challenge!

This week is Kitchen Organization. This one was easy for me because my kitchen is pretty much organized the way I want it. I hate a cluttered counter top and kitchen, so it was one of the first problems I tackled when we moved here 3 years ago. It’s efficient for my cooking tasks and also functional for the family.

Here is what I have done:

I buy lots of the frozen bagged veggies that you pop in the microwave and steam in 5 minutes or less. Easy, fast and nutritious! But I was having a hard time keeping the bags organized. Every time I’d open the freezer door and grab something, my Steamer Bags would come falling out.  To remedy this, I have taken a rectangular tote, tossed the lid (wish I had a use for all the tote lids I toss) and I stack the bags in the order they will be used that week. No more falling Steamers! 😉 {insert lame kids poop joke here}

When my husband comes home from work, he empties his pockets onto the kitchen counter. Normally people have a bowl, or tray that they do this into, but my husband accumulates so much stuff during the day that a bowl or a tray just won’t hold it all. So I bought him a bread box! A nice retro looking one to match my kitchen decor. This also has solved one other large problem we were having. A post-it note would go missing and I’d be in trouble for throwing it away, not knowing of its importance. Now, when a renegade post-it is on my counter, I toss it into the bread box. When I am asked if I threw something away, my first question is always “did you look in your bread box?” and within 2 minutes he has found the item he was accusing me of losing!

We went from this pile…

To this! Cute and Clutter Free!

For cooking organization I made a cooking station. In my kitchen I have a descent amount of counter space, except in the area I use the most…the stove area. It never seemed to flow for me. I’d be wanting my knives and they’d be across the room, I’d want my cutting boards and they weren’t handy, my veggies were always rockin’ and rollin’ onto the floor. So finally, I’ve come up with a better organized area that keeps everything I use daily at the stove.

It’s still a bit more cluttered than I’d like, but sometimes you have to take function over looks.

Our family takes a lot of vitamins and supplements. And since I’ve mentioned how I hate a cluttered counter top, naturally I cannot stand to see vitamin bottles sitting out. To take care of this clutter, I bought 3 retro looking Coffee, Tea and Flour tins, all the same size, to hold the bottles. Each person gets their own tin…well, my two girls share since they take the same vitamins. Every thing fits perfectly and they are close at hand so are not easily forgotten…in theory anyway. I never remember to take my vitamins!

These little tins hold a lot!
Now you see them…

Now you don’t!
Ahhh, a clutter free counter!

I’m excited for the next 13 weeks in Toni’s challenge because the rest of my house…Lord have Mercy, does it need help!!

Til next time kids!! Oh! Hope you like the new look! A little present to the blog for making it to 402 followers! Yeah Blog!!



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