Attitude is Everything!

Ya gotta love Facebook! I can count on finding inspiration there daily. I can also count on someone trying to counteract the inspiration I’ve found. Which made me think of the title for today’s post: Attitude is Everything.

This is the post I found today that touched me enough to hit that “share” button:

I felt this tied into what I’ve been talking about recently. Fight the negatives with a positive! Be the positive change by replacing every negative comment you hear with a positive one. For every negative action you see, put out a positive one. I loved it! And so did some of my other friends. They shared the same picture. But on one of their walls, someone had a negative comment about how this is looking at the world through rose colored glasses and not how life really works. Really? Let me tell you a short story…(& by now you know my stories aren’t short, sorry!)

With school starting money has been tight here. I’m sure you all can relate. New clothes, lunches, money for your child’s this, that and the other thing. We took a look at our checkbook and went “uh-oh! We can’t keep this pace up long unless we get 2nd jobs!!” This was said half jokingly. Things weren’t that bad, but they weren’t that great. Ya always want some wiggle room and our wiggle room was getting tighter. Normally this would invoke pangs of panic and anxiety from both of us. Stress and worry would cause us to fight with each other and nothing would be solved or improve.

Not this time. This time we both stayed incredibly calm. Some might even say eerily, if they know us. 🙂  No one made a rash decision. No one yelled. We both just said “okay, we have these options and if they don’t work, we’ll move to plan B.” We assured each other that everything would work out because we had faith. We never spoke one word of discouragement. We kept a positive attitude by saying things will be fine instead of saying “we’re sunk, we’ll never be able to have fun again”.

What a difference a day and a positive attitude makes. Almost immediately things turned around for us. Extra income presented itself without extra work or time. I believe attitude IS everything. What good would being negative have done for us? Well we know from experience…in the past it’s never done anything for us but make us feel miserable. One of my favorite sayings is “Don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow, live for today.” I just read that in the bible this morning. I wasn’t looking for it either, it just showed up as part of my daily reading. Ironic? NO.

I honestly believe we have counteracted the negativity in our life by staying positive. We did not allow our circumstances to define us. We stayed hopeful, thankful and joyful in a time where we could have been doubtful, ungracious for all we already have and angry.

The next time you are put through a trial, whether it be struggles in your marriage, trouble with your child, trouble with your job or your finances, don’t let that trouble define you. Be happy in ALL things. Life is hard for everyone now and then, but how you handle it is what separates the happy from the unhappy. I have made a choice to be happy!

Love ya kids!



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