Girlfriends Coffee Hour

Hi ya, kids! The blog has been a little quiet this week because I’ve been busy! But I’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

Christi Wilson at Girlsfriends Coffee Hour has offered me a blogging position for their online bible studies! I am so honored and excited!! I will be blogging every Thursday for GCH about the book How To Win Him Without Words. It’s a book about marriages where the spirituality is unequal. More to the point, women who have married men whose faith isn’t as strong or in some cases, nonexistent. I’m really looking forward to getting started. I’ve read most of the book and I can see where the wise words in the book can minister to other marital problems as well, such as communication!

I wanted to share with you how I was led to GCH because it is such an amazing story! A dear friend of mine knew about the blogging position and was praying on it for herself, but as she prayed she said “simplysjb” kept running through her mind. So on Wednesday of last week she told me about it and gave me a link to GCH’s website. I read through the site and loved what I saw, felt I could handle the blogging position and applied.

On Thursday I got an email from Christi asking me to interview with her over the phone. On Friday I did the interview and it went very well. Christi and I had a great conversation and connected immediately! She told me she’d let me know on Sunday if I was offered the position or not.

Friday evening I checked my email before going to bed and there was an email from Christi saying I was offered the position, she had no need to wait til Sunday to hire me. I was floored! So happy and excited, but almost immediately self-doubt set in! What if I’m not good enough? What if I write something that leads someone down the WRONG path? What if I can never find the right words while writing? I tossed and turned all night and could not make up my mind.

I wrote my friend the next day telling her I had been offered the position, but I just didn’t think I was worthy of it. She wrote me back saying she had a dream about this very conversation! That I would feel inadequate, but she needed to tell me I could do it! That was it. God had his hands all over this, so I wrote Christi and accepted the position.

So this is a new chapter in my life! The gamut of feelings I have experienced over the last week are wide, but I know I am finally doing something God has planned for me! This is something I have prayed about for a very long time. I can’t even describe how awesome I’m feeling right now!

I hope you’ll join me in GCH and the Winning Him Without Words study this fall! I’ve gotten to mingle with all the members at GCH a bit and they are all wonderful, funny, caring women. I think you’d all love it!

If you are interested in joining, we start Oct. 1st. You can sign up at Girlfriends Coffee Hour.

You can purchase your book on amazon by clicking here: Winning Him Without Words.

Til next time, Kids!



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