5 Things I Love About My Husband

The exercise for this weeks Revive Your Marriage study at www.womenlivingwell.com is fun! The challenge is to list 5 things you love about your husband. On their blog they threw 2 questions at you:

#1 asking you to list all your husbands faults

#2 asking you to list all that you love about him

They said that it was probably easier to list the faults than the the things you love, it’s just part of our nature. I am proud of myself that after doing last weeks challenge, I found it easier to list what I love about my Monte, but I’ll write more about that in a bit. Right now I want to get to my list! 🙂

5 Things I Love About My Monte

  1. His hilarious dry wit. Sometimes he can crack me up with one word.
  2. His big hazel eyes. They are seriously the first things I fell in love with.
  3. His determination to keep us all going. Emotionally and physically. My girls have learned to never be a quitter and to always do their best. When you do that, you have done something you can be proud of yourself for. He has taught ME this lesson just by watching him.
  4. He works hard for us. His job is not an easy one. His hours are horrible, but he does it each and every day, hardly ever taking sick days, for us.
  5. His love for me and our girls. I am never in doubt about his love. We all know we can count on him for anything.
  6. The man can fix anything. It truly amazes me that you give him something broken & within minutes he has a plan to fix it.
  7. I love that he always helps me when he SEES I need it. I don’t have to ask, he just pitches in. He’ll do laundry, cook, vacuum, dust…you name it. He wants to help.
  8. I love that he loves spending time with me. If he had his way, we’d spend every hour of the day together. This used to bother me. I thought I needed “me” time, but now it warms my heart. He loves me so much.
  9. He’s the best dad ever. Science projects, coaching sports, friend advice, hugs, kisses and discipline. I know my girls understand how lucky they are.
  10. I love that we’ve now known each other longer than we’ve not known each other. He never gave up on me and we’ve been together 24 years because of him.

Ok, so I had more than 5. I could probably go on longer. I’ll explain how I rediscovered my love for Monte, aside from all that I listed. Last weeks challenge was to have “shoulder to shoulder” time with your husband. You really need to read the blog at www.womenlivingwell.com to get the full feel for this exercise, but in a nutshell, here is why they chose this challenge…

Prom 1991

Remember when you were dating? You’d sit and watch your man work out, fix cars, or you’d go to sporting events you didn’t care about just so you could be together. But once you got married, much of that probably stopped. Yes, life gets busy w/kids and jobs, but your man is still wanting you next to him. He needs that shoulder to shoulder time to let him know you still value him. Over the weekend I tried it. I remembered how I DID used to just sit and watch him do whatever. I didn’t care what it was, I just wanted to spend time with him. So this weekend everything I wanted to do took a backseat. When he sat down to watch football, I did too. When he went out to his shed to work on something, I did too. While he mowed the lawn, I went and did my weekend errands so by time he was done, I’d be back home and ready to spend more time with him. It was an amazing weekend. Almost like we were dating again. We didn’t even have to do anything major. No big trip out of town or anything like that. Just devoted time to each other. It was wonderful.

I now find myself looking forward to next weekend and doing the same thing all over again. You should seriously try it! We had been going through a tough patch. Life has been throwing us curves, but this brought us back to simplicity. I’ve talked about how I’m learning to stop worrying and just let God handle all that stuff I can’t control. Well, by doing that, I found I have more time to devote to Monte and our marriage. You’d be surprised how much time you’ll gain when you stop worrying! Try your best to stop, and then do something more fun with your time…like I did! 🙂

Til next time, Kids!



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