Andy Williams

I was sad to hear of the passing of Andy Williams today. I can’t say that I was a die hard fan, he was a part of my Christmases ever since I can remember and he sang one of my all time favorite songs and this is why…(bad language at the end, don’t watch if offended by such things. If that is the case, skip to the next video.)

Just picturing a young couple in the 60’s dancing to this love song before heading out for a night on the town makes my heart melt.

Here is another rendition of the song. While not as good as Andy’s, it still holds a special place in my heart.

Your velvet voice will be missed by millions my Huckleberry friend. Rest in peace.

Til next time, Kids!



2 thoughts on “Andy Williams

  1. Sarah,   I didn’t know Andy had passed away…He did have some wonderful music. I have some of his records! Brought back many memories” Moon River”… my brother Dan and I used to play that on the concertina..we played for the VFW and some of the other older smaller places(Rogers NE had a small bar area really wasn’t a bar, more like the vfw and people even danced to our music!( Uncle Dalton and Grandpa played alot  of songw with us)  we were 9 & 11 years old…Our Uncle Dalton and Grandpa glaser wrote the music so we could play it on our concertinas!! Man that was many moons ago…thanks for sharing. It brought back the wonderful years and memories i had with Dan.    by the way I’m enjoying your blog…I really liked your bulk meal prep..hey, i came home tonight and got my meal goin right away..I made fish with onions and mushrooms   vegetables and a salad!   you uplift and give me energy!!! thanks you are such a sweet, caring person, Sarah…God Bless you for ALL  you do..keep writing! Love ya,   Carla



    • Wow! What awesome memories you have, Carla!! Very cool!
      I’m glad you liked the bulk meal prep!! I have enjoyed a very stress
      free week so far without having to worry about cooking!! Your recipe sounds
      Thank you for the encouragement! You are ALSO a very sweet person!! Thank you so much!


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