Hello! My Name Is Sarah and I’m A People Pleaser. Hello, Sarah.

Don’t seek to be a people pleaser…don’t compromise what you know is right in your heart to gain the approval of others. The only approval you need is God’s, and you already have that. Joyce Meyer

I’ve been “sitting” on this post for a few days not really sure of what to write. I don’t want to be one to use this platform to cry out, complain or belitttle people, so I had to let some emotions settle before I wrote this.

Here’s what happened, over the course of a week I lost 385 followers of this blog. At first I was surprised because, seriously? 385 people all left in ONE week! But yes, they did. Okay, after the shock went way, I got a little angry, or maybe confused would be the correct word. I didn’t understand what had happened to make people leave in droves! Was it because I was writing more about my desire to better my marriage and my life by reading the bible more and becoming involved in a woman’s ministry? Because really that is all that had changed here. Anger returned. Thoughts of “Fine! Who needs ’em!” ran through my head. But then disappointment came rushing in because I am a people pleaser and I don’t want anyone to not like me! I’m a nice person, people should like me! Right?? Guess not.

I’ve prayed a lot on whether to continue on with the blog. I tend to give up when things go bad. But something in me started to stir. I LIKE writing this blog! I don’t want to change what I’m doing. I prayed to God about what I should do. I heard loud and clear that I SHOULD keep writing and I shouldn’t change a thing. He likes what I am doing. He is pleased with me. 🙂 What a wonderful feeling to know I am pleasing the one who really matters. 🙂

I feel good about this blog’s future now. I have a better understanding of how God wants me to use it and I will continue to write the way He intended me too. I enjoy and love to write and I think that is my gift from God. So to honor Him, I will use my gift from Him the way he wants me too. I guess if there are people that do not want to read about how God is improving my life and blessing me every day, that is fine. I have to be okay with that because as many of my Girlfriends Coffee Hour friends told me when I shared this news with them, those 385 people leaving were God’s way of cleaning house for the people God wants to bring to my blog. He will bring followers to my blog that need to hear what I am saying. The numbers don’t matter. What I write and who I may help do.

The premise of my blog is going to stay the same. I am going to share what I love: Food, Being a Wife and Mother, Inspiration, Bullying Solutions, Ways to Save Money, Tips for the Home and yes, Scriptures, Links to Bible Study Blogs and the Blessings that God Bestows on Me.
I want to thank all of the 28 people who did not leave me and I want to thank all of my new followers! You are an awesome bunch of people and I love each and every one of you!

Til Next Time, Kids!



9 thoughts on “Hello! My Name Is Sarah and I’m A People Pleaser. Hello, Sarah.

  1. Sarah — keep doin’ what you’re doin’. The wheat gets separated from the chaff in times like this. It’s sort of like being a rock star with a string of hits, then suddenly the music scene changes and those who rode your coattails during the success suddenly aren’t there when the lights go dim. The ones who stand behind you in good times and bad are the ones to focus on. Those who see the special talent that you possess will gravitate to it. My dad always had two words in tough times…straight ahead. Keep it up. 🙂


  2. Way to go Sarah! I know you have a gift for the word, so as long as you keep writing, this gal is going to keep reading! ❤ Joy

    PS: Your resolve to continue forward has inspired me to do so as well. Back to writing! 😉


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