Home Made Window Cleaner That Will Make Your Windows SHINE!

I hate to clean windows. With a passion. Seriously. My husband and dad even put in those handy dandy windows that fold in so they are easier to clean and suppose to make cleaning them “fun”, their word not mine! But it still was a huge chore I always put off. Ugh,Β  it’s a job that has to be done though. Especially here because we live on THE most busiest country road in the county, I swear!

Since I don’t like to clean windows (did I mention that already?) I didn’t have the necessary stuff on hand so I turned to the magic box. That is what we call the internet around here. Need an answer to a question? Ask the magic box! So I asked the magic box how to make window cleaner from stuff I have here at home. The magic box did not disappoint! πŸ˜‰

I made up my little solution, poured it into an old spray bottle and tackled my windows. The results we absolutely amazing. My windows have never shined so brightly! They are SO clean that two poor birdies flew right into them yesterday afternoon. Sorry birdies! They probably won’t stay clean for long since it is SO dusty this year, but for now I am enjoying the cleanest windows I’ve ever had. It makes me feel like the hard work was worth it!

Here is the handy dandy solution:

Mix together:

2 c. warm water

3 TBS. vinegar

1/2 tsp. dish washing detergent

Shake well, spray on windows and wipe clean with a crumpled up newspaper! The newspaper may be the secret to the shine I got on my windows. It is seriously amazing! I have always used paper towels to clean windows and I was always left with streaks. Not this time! But here is a tip, wear some thin gloves so your finger tips don’t get covered in ink! I learned this the hard way after seeing my finger prints all over the white trim around my window. 😦

If ya get bored today, go clean your windows. It will make you happy. πŸ™‚

Til next time, kids!




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