Get Busy In The Bedroom! It’s GCH Thursday! :-)

Today on the GCH blog we are talking about sex! Kind of sounds strange, doesn’t it? A Christian blog talking about sex?! But If you do a little research you’ll find that many Christian blogs cover the subject of sex. After all, it is a large part of a person’s life! And the bible has an entire book devoted to the love making between a man and his wife. Song of Solomon is truly beautiful.

Here is the link to today’s GCH blog: When We Don’t Agree.

I have found a few more resources on the subject of sex in your marriage for you to check out after you read my blog today.

The website To Love Honor And Vacuum has a list of 29 things you can do to experience great sex! And yes, it’s another Christian blog!! You see, just because you are a Christian does not mean you have to be a prude or think sex is wrong or sinful! Have some fun in the bedroom! That is what God created sex for! FUN!! Here is the link to the list: 29 Days To Great Sex.

Sheila Wray Gregoire is the blog writer for Love Honor And Vacuum and she also is the author of The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex which is the 2nd resource I have for you today. You can purchase her book on by clicking on the book below:

I hope you enjoy my post today and take a look at To Love Honor and Vacuum! I think you will learn great things from each of them! And if you can, buy the book! It’s fantastic! 😉

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