Finding your purpose

Hello, Kids! Today’s GCH Thursday’s post gets pretty personal. I am hoping that by me sharing a bad time in my life will help some of you.  Trying to figure out what your purpose on this earth can be frustrating and if you let it, it can become a source of depression.

I mention in the beginning of my post that I have come close to death 3 times in my life. I didn’t go into detail about those 3 times, so I thought I would explain them here.

When I was 6 years old I spent over a month in the hospital with pneumonia. My lungs were filling up with mucus and I was slowly suffocating.  I had my lungs drained, but they kept filling up. They flew in a specialist to see why I wasn’t responding to all my treatments. After looking at me, he decided to take me off aspirin & almost as soon as they did that, I recovered and went home.

When I was 16 years old I was very excited about it being Homecoming. I drove home from school to start getting ready for the evening. As I was walking in the door I remembered I was suppose to pick my sister up from daycare. I jumped back in my car and headed to town. We lived in the country 5 miles from town. I was driving too fast and lost control on the gravel road. My car went up on 2 wheels and I swear it sat that way for what seemed like an eternity. Then it sat back down and shut off. Never been so frightened in my life. I have no idea what held that car in mid air and then slowly brought it back down. Well, actually I do. It was God.

When I was 25, I was sitting in the front row of the bleachers with my month old baby in her stroller watching my husband play in a softball game. There was no fencing around the ball field and a stray ball came screaming at me. I had leaned over to fix something in my baby’s stroller and the ball missed my head by a hair. I felt the whoosh. If it would have hit me straight on, I’m sure I would’ve died.

So you see, I feel there is a reason God wants me here, but I was having a real hard time figuring out what it was. You will find out how I discovered my purpose when you read my GCH post. God Is The Wild Hope Maker.

What I would love for you to take away from my story there is if you are frustrated, angry or even depressed…take a look at what you are seeking. Most likely that is your purpose here. If you are wanting kindness shown to you, be kind to others. If you are seeking love, love others. If you are in financial need, give to someone, not always monetarily, but also give your time. Sow your seeds and see what God will grow for you!

Love ya kids!!


6 thoughts on “Finding your purpose

  1. There are unseen forces protecting us around the clock!!! It is amazing when i think about how awesome God’s protction is! Thank you for sharing these stories… I am so happy you are here ❤


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