Good Bye 2012! You’ve been good to me!

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Good Bye 2012!

I’ll miss you because you’ve been so good to me! It has been a long time since I’ve been able to look back on a year and think it was a good one. Not because my life has been horrible, quite the contrary. I have failed to look back on my past years with fondness because I focused too much on the bad things that had happened to me, not the good! But not this year!
In this year, I stuck to my 2012 new year’s resolution and became closer to God. I read the bible nearly every day. And I not only finally finished a bible study, I was a part of the blogging/leadership team for that bible study, which really made me dig deep and learn more. What a blessing Girlfriends Coffee Hour was to me!

I learned to appreciate what I already have. God presented me with many situations where I was able to appreciate something as simple as the fresh air that I breathe. I no longer wish for more. I already have enough. This is huge because I was always a person that thought I needed MORE or bigger or newer. I plan to write on that a bit more in another post because it really was a big transformation in me.

I published TWO books in the spring of 2012. No, they were not best sellers, but I never meant for them to be. I just wanted to test the waters to see if I actually had what it took to write. I found out I have a lot to learn, but also gained quite a bit of confidence in myself, something I didn’t have much of before. The outpouring of support from my family, friends and community was humbling and an experience that will be hard to top for the rest of my life. Hopefully in 2013 I will finish my series. That is one thing I did not complete in 2012 and regret not getting it done.

In 2012 I became a better wife. In my eyes anyway. 😉 Ha, ha!! I did a lot of research on my personality type, my love language and I started a bible study on the Proverbs 31 Wife. All 3 research projects opened my eyes to a lot of issues in our marriage that were largely my…”fault” should we say? Another humbling experience to learn that I am the one that needs some work and that I can’t blame my husband for all that isn’t perfect. Starting tomorrow, I am going to take you along on a personal journey of improvement that I am embarking on. It is scary to share a personal experience like this publicly, especially since I know most of my readers personally, but I think a lot of women go through what I have been going through lately and by sharing my experience, I hope to help other women know they are not alone in feeling frustrated, depressed (at times), overwhelmed, unappreciated, elated, excited, happy and blessed ALL AT THE SAME TIME! So I hope you stay tuned!

God bless you all in 2013! I hope 2012 was good to you, but I hope 2013 will be even better!

Til next time, kids!


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