Love Dare, Day 9; Love Makes Good Impressions

Last night I avoided another fight! I have mentioned that MKB is the coach of my oldest daughter’s club basketball team. This takes up a lot of his time & during the season it eats into our family time, as well as interferes with our youngest daughter’s birthday. Last night MKB told me my plans for her birthday party probably won’t work because we may have to work at the tournament that is held that weekend. Inside I exploded because year after year our youngest’s birthday gets put on the back burner because of basketball. Don’t get me wrong! I love the sport & I love to watch both my girls play, but I just want this one weekend free.

Rant over, on with my story…I didn’t outwardly explode. I calmly (or what I perceived as calmer than usual in these situations) said I’m going to have to put my foot down & say our daughter’s birthday is more important than this tournament. I honestly don’t remember what was said after that because I was repeating in my head “Don’t say anything else. Stay calm & let it go, it will work out.” MKB left the room to get ready for practice & that was pretty much the end of the subject. No, nothing was worked out yet, but a knock down, drag out didn’t take place either. Hopefully it will all work out, it usually does. And this time we will do it without the stress of arguing about it. I am making progress each day!

Love Dare, Day #9

Love Makes Good Impressions 

Greet one another with a kiss of love. 1 Peter 5:14

Now THIS is a greeting!  Christmas 1996

Now THIS is a greeting!
Christmas 1996

Dr. Chapman starts off this chapter by saying “You’ve covered some serious ground so far in this journey.” HA! You ain’t a kiddin’ Doc! Gracious! Today’s dare presented me with a problem. Have you been reading these dares & thinking to yourself “I want to do these, but what about HIM?! It’s not fair that he doesn’t have to try & change!” If you are, you are not alone. I had that thought when I read this love dare challenge. 

MKB leaves for work at 3:30am, so we don’t see each other until 3:45pm when he gets home from work. He comes home after 10 long hours & comes into the house at the busiest, most crazy time of day for me. The daycare kids have recently woken up & had their afternoon snack, so they are recharged & ready to GO, my own kids are just getting home from school & want to talk about all that went on in their day or tell me things I need to know for the week ahead. So our “greeting” for the day is lacking a lot! We barely have time to SAY hello to each other, let alone give a nod acknowledging each other.

I’ve read that your first greeting to each other will set the tone for your day…in our case, our evening. So I have tried on occasion to make a big deal about him coming home. I’ll greet him with a smile, give him a peck on the cheek, maybe a hug, while saying “hello”. I don’t get much in return because he is beat. He’s had a long day & has a long night ahead of him. I have been just letting this go because I understand he is tired & as long as he feels welcome when he comes home, I’m fine with whatever he says to me in return, even if it’s just a grunt.

On the weekends however….that is a whole other story! Since we don’t get to greet each other each weekday morning, I want Sat. & Sun. mornings to be special! He is always up before me, so when I come out to the living room I go over to him, kiss his forehead & tell him good morning. I get the SAME dull & lifeless greeting from him that I get during the week. Not acceptable!! I’ve complained numerous times to him about this, but he doesn’t get it I guess. 

My dare for today is to greet MKB with a smile & enthusiasm. I already did this last night since I didn’t have much to do with the jealousy dare. Like usual, nothing really happened after I said hello & pecked him on the cheek because it wasn’t something out of the ordinary for me to do. I am dumbfounded on what to do next. Since this isn’t an issue for me, but is for MKB, what do I do? I’ve already told him I would like a more pleasant greeting, especially on the weekends & he doesn’t do anything different. Maybe when this challenge is over I can read this chapter to him? I don’t know. Any thoughts?? What do you do when it’s him & not you for once?

Til next time, kids…



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