Be My Valentine Marriage Challenge from Women Living Well


I follow a blog called Women Living Well. It is a christian blog that covers everything from marriage to spiritual growth. With only 4 weeks until Valentine’s Day, they are giving their readers a challenge to put their husband first this Valentine’s Day.

I usually think of Valentine’s Day as a day where MKB should lavish all his love & adoration over me, but I don’t usually reciprocate. After all, he doesn’t go in for all that mushy stuff. But I think this challenge goes right along with the Love Dare I’ve been doing!! This year Valentine’s Day is going to be all about MKB! And guess what, his birthday is the day before, so it’s going to be a great 2 days for him! 🙂

If you’d like to participate, follow this link: Be My Valentine Marriage Challenge

The challenge lasts only 4 weeks, starting next Monday & concluding the week of Valentine’s Day. If you feel the Love Dare is too long, this is a great challenge to try!

Love is in the air, kids!



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