Yeast Detox Diet

I’ve got so much stuff going on in my life, I decided to add one more! ūüôā I have started a yeast detox diet.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Epstein Barr Syndrom. To keep this simple & short, it is basically chronic mono. Each persons symptoms are different. When I was first diagnosed I was fatigued, had severe mind fog, body rash,¬†terrible short term memory¬†and depression. I tried to find “cures” for EBV, but there just aren’t any. All you can do is change your diet. Which I did. Since 2009 I’ve been eating much better, trying very hard to quit my pop addiction and I exercise my brain.

Last year I found a website called The Yeast Diet.¬†Since I already knew nutrition played a big part in my EBV flare ups, I sat and read through what Whitney Frazier¬†had to say. She has a wonderful diet plan to help rid your body of yeast build up. Yeast is something that can wreck havoc on an EBV sufferer. Sadly I didn’t have the will power to follow her diet last year, but this year I do! I started this week!

She offers many recipes that make it easy to cut yeast from your diet in her cookbook, Candida Diet Cookbook. 



This afternoon I had a tomato & cucumber sandwich with light miracle whip on a whole wheat bun. See, you can have some breads with yeast, as long as you limit them & make them the good breads!

For supper we are having pepper steak served on rice with green beans. Totally something I would’ve made for supper pre-diet. So this isn’t hard at all. I’m looking forward to feeling even better & hopefully getting rid of the last symptom I have of my EBV, which is the body rash. There is nothing out there, except allergy pills, that will get rid of this stupid, itchy rash! I hate to pop pills, so I’m really hopeful riding my body of yeast over growth will help me!

I’ll be reporting back from time to time with my results. The detox lasts 3 weeks. She has a group detox going on right now on Facebook. If you’d like to join, follow this link: Group Yeast Detox.¬†Yeast over growth is the cause of many serious conditions. If you visit Whitney’s site, you’ll learn¬†it¬†causes¬†everything from “recurring yeast infections, digestive problems, gas and bloating, headaches, fatigue, frequent illness, depression, mood swings and even joint pain.”

Alrighty, til next time, kids…



One thought on “Yeast Detox Diet

  1. † Good for you Sarah, I too hope this works for you.† I know yeast does cause alot of havoc with your body.† Very interesting. †



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