Be My Valentine! Marriage Challenge Week 2


This week’s challenge is to find 10 different ways to tell or show your spouse you love them & really pour on the praise!

In one of my Love Dare posts, I wrote about how dissatisfied I am with the way MKB & I greet each other. I asked for some advice & got a lot of great ideas! I haven’t done any of your suggestions yet, (embarrassed!) but I promise I will do them this week!

One of the suggestions I got was to put Post-It notes in his lunch box, on his clothes or in the bathroom. I liked that idea! So that will be the 1st thing I do.  I will leave a note for him in a different place every day this week. Wish I could see his face when he finds them. 🙂

On the Women Living Well website, the source of this Valentine’s Day Marriage Challenge, Courtney sent her husband a photo montage that was so cute! You need to go over there & check it out: I Love You Photo Montage. I want to try & put something together like that for MKB & send it to him as one of our daily texts. Every morning his first question is, How R U & the girls? So maybe I can do something cute with the girls & send him our own photo montage. 🙂

These are just a few ideas that I am going to try. There are a lot of neat little things you can do to show your spouse you love them. Shake things up a bit & say it or show it in a way you’ve never done before! Variety is the spice of life! If you  need some ideas, Courtney offers a lot of them on her website, so be sure to visit her site & check them out!

Tis the season to love, so get lovin’! 😉

Til next time, kids…



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