Love Dare, Week 4: Getting To Know God Better

I wanted to drop a quick note on my progress this week. I am really cherishing this time with God. During my time blogging with Girlfriends Coffee Hour, the women there taught me a lot about how the Lord hears me & is with me at all times. Having that knowledge has brought me peace, joy, serenity & did I mention peace?

One of the dares this week is to start a personal devotion time with God & get to know him better. I already do that, every morning at 6:30 it is just me & Him. The house is quiet, my day has yet to get crazy. It is the perfect time to pray, be thankful & read the bible. Then at night I have a shorter quiet time with him. I give thanks again for prayers answered and I thank him for the prayers he is still working on for me, I tell him my prayer requests & I then go through the 23 Psalm. It is the most comforting, serene verse to me. No matter what, it always helps me to calm down and fall asleep peacefully. 23 psalm

I never really wanted to share about my private time with God because I guess I feared people would see me as a “Jesus Freak”. But last night as I was saying my prayers I thought, “So what? What is bad about that? People already know I’m a Christian, why can’t they know about how I spend my time with God?” So I decided today to write about it.

Maybe you are like I once was & just don’t know how to know God better. I didn’t know where to start, what to read, how much time to do it in? I can tell you, none of that matters. Start with reading the bible. Read one passage, read for 5 min. or an hour. Start with the Proverbs. There are 31 of them, so read 1 a day for a month. Or start from the beginning and go from Genesis all the way to Revelation. It doesn’t matter. Just get started. Soon you will get to know God yourself and that He is always with you, always listening and always trying to work out the things in your life for good.

How should you pray? There are no rules for that either. It is best, however, to always give thanks for God for all the blessings in your life. And you will find as you go on, there are many. Submit your requests to God, but you don’t need to repeat them over & over. Submit them, then after that have faith that those prayers will be answered. Thank him daily for continually working out those prayers for your good. You can end your prayer time the way I do, with a favorite verse, or you can just end it with Amen. Just don’t try to be hauty, dragging it out with big words, or repetition. Remember, he hears you the first time. 😉

All of these suggestions are just that, suggestions. They are ones I accumilated over the past few months & made them my own. There is no right or wrong way to pray. He just wants you to start. He craves a relationship with you!

So what does this have to do with the Love Dare? Why is Dr. Chapman making us take a week of our time to get closer to God? Because without the knowledge of the love God has for YOU, you will not be able to love your spouse with the true, deep, agape love God intended you to love with. I just now finally understand that! Enjoy your time with God this week. Accept his love for you in your heart. It is a beautiful, wonderful feeling.

Til next time, kids…




6 thoughts on “Love Dare, Week 4: Getting To Know God Better

  1. Beautiful. I love you Sarah, you are so right and I am so proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone today…wow. I, too, am a Jesus freak and proud of it. 😀 He is my heart and soul and I could not survive this life without Him. Thanks for sharing and giving everything you have back to bring Him glory…..He is surely smiling down and so very proud of you! 🙂


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