Valentine’s Day Massacre, Boyer Style

HELLO KIDS! I am back after a forced blogging vacation!! But as usual, I think God had a purpose for keeping me away from the blog, most notably the Love Dare. Read on & I’ll explain. Let’s see if I remember how to do this! 😉

Valentine’s Day 2013 was a real eye opener for me. I woke up with a grumpy mindset. I dislike Valentine’s Day because in years past it has been less than a romantic holiday for me & MKB. Once we got married, the romance of the holiday seemed to fly out the window. I remember one comment of “I show my love for you every day, who needs 1 special day?” Umm, ME!

So this year, despite my earlier post about the special dinner I had planned for MKB, I decided he wasn’t gettin’ nothin’. Not even a “Happy Valentine’s Day” wish, because I was certain he had done nothing for me. Yes, I threw everything I had learned through the Love Dare out the window & went with pure emotion. I’m a woman, it’s my prerogative.

Our youngest daughter had been sick with strep throat, so his first text of the day asked about her condition & then there was a small blurb at the end saying Happy V-Day. I ignored the “V-Day” comment, but let him know our daughter was doing well.

He sent me one more text during the day & I was short & snippy with my responses. He caught on, because he is smarter than Columbo, that I was upset & asked me why. I told him that I’ve seen women all over the nation getting flowers & messages of love from their husbands, thanks to Facebook, but I am married to a man who thinks Valentine’s Day is just another day, so that is what makes me crabby. His response…”this too shall pass.” I am not going to repeat what I texted back to him! It wasn’t nice.

The day moves on & dear MKB comes home from work 15 minutes later than usual. The girls come in the house first & my oldest tells me “Don’t talk to daddy, he’s in a bad mood because I had to stay after school to work on a project & I forgot to tell him.” I say I have NO problem not talking to daddy. Humph!

Normally I greet MKB with a friendly Hello & sometimes a kiss on the cheek, but that afternoon I didn’t move. He called for me, so I finally got up & went to see what he wanted. I walked around the corner & here he is with his arm full of 3 pink tipped roses, each representing my 3 Valentines. MKB, KKB & ANB. He said “The florist isn’t open at 4am, Dear.” He goes to work at 3:30 in the morning. Ya. I felt 2 inches tall. I dropped my crabby attitude & gave him a big hug & a kiss, along with a big apology. I gave him the itty bitty card I had thrown together for him (a kindergartner could’ve done a better job) & said “Sorry, I just didn’t expect anything & I wasn’t gonna be the only one that made an effort.” He told me he is a changed man now. Ya know what? I think he is!

Which brings me to this announcement. I am not going to finish out the Love Dare. For some reason that dare started to have a reverse effect on me. It was bringing about things that weren’t really issues for us. I had posted that I thought if the dare could do wonders for a marriage in trouble, it could really help to ignite a marriage in a rut. I was wrong. It just made trouble for us that wasn’t there before. So ya see, God kept me away from my blogging to help me realize I’ve already got a good thing going with MKB & that I should just focus on that & be happy! So I am.

I apologize to those of you that were enjoying the posts, but I gotta stop it for the sake of our happiness! 🙂 And we ARE happy. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Right!

Til next time, kids! I love ya all & have missed you very much!!



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