Professional Organizer Hoarders Annonymous…Which Do I Need?

If anyone is looking to get me a gift, I am in serious need of a professional organizer! My house is one big cluttered up mess. Oh, to the naked eye, my house is neat & tidy, but on closer inspection you will find piles of papers that need a home, coats that need to be put on hangers, not on backs of chairs, shoes that need corralling, a pile of clothes that need to be boxed up & donated. The list goes on & on.

In our 1st house there was a place for everything & everything was in its place, mostly because it was so small. But since our move FOUR YEARS AGO, our new house has never felt settled to me. I have so much storage here that I think it overwhelmed me. I have just stuffed things into cupboards because I could, a luxury I didn’t have at our old home. But there is no rhyme or reason to where I have placed things.  I even have a few boxes of things that are not unpacked yet, just stored away because I didn’t want to deal with them.

I used to scoff at people like me. “How can you not unpack a moving box?” I’d say. “How can you live with a pile of papers & whatnot on your counter?” “Doesn’t that weeks worth of dust on that table bother you?” But not anymore! I’ve joined the ranks of overwhelmed moms who can’t keep up, so just let it go. But now I’m in a border line hoarders trap & need help to escape!!

I’ve mentioned that I follow numerous blogs & each one of them has a post or series on organizing your home. I’ve read them all, but that is as far as I’ve gotten. I even started an organizational challenge, but dropped out when it got to the hard rooms like my storage room.

I have plenty of good excuses. I am tired by the end of the day from work & don’t feel like cleaning up then. We have basketball tournaments every weekend, so I’m not home to clean up then. Naptime is my only break, so I don’t want to start an organization project then! I could go on, I’m good at making excuses. 😉 But it needs to stop! I need to get organized & I need to brainwash teach my children & husband to become better organizers too!

I am asking for help. What is your best organizational tip? How do you cut the clutter? How much can I pay you to come organize my house? 🙂

Sorry, no real helpful info in this post, but I’m hoping that since I have now admitted to being a sloppy house wife as of lately, it will catapult me into Spring Cleaning & Organizing gear! Hopefully.

Til next time, kids, send me your favorite organizing blogs or ideas you’ve found on Pinterest! I’d love to read them! (it puts off having to actually do it even longer, ha, ha!)



2 thoughts on “Professional Organizer Hoarders Annonymous…Which Do I Need?

    • I’ll pay for your gas or airfare, Shandy!! When can I schedule you?! 🙂
      Your blogs is one of my favs! I have gotten a lot of helpful info there. I just need to implement it!!!


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