Facebook Fast

Last week I started a technology fast. Between the blog & Facebook I feel I’ve been writing way too much about my personal life & not actually going out & living it! I’m still on my “fast”, but I wanted to pop in & share some discoveries I’ve made about Facebook while on this techno break.

Now, I did not quit Facebook cold turkey because this is a busy time of year for my slideshow business & I do most of my communication with clients through Facebook, but I did set up some rules to follow:

  • I could check it twice a day
  • I would not post anything on my wall
  • I could only go to my wall or my private messages, no browsing the newsfeed

I broke this last rule on Fri. when my daughter was sick & I wanted to keep up with the boys basketball team who were playing in the state tournaments. I felt that was a legit reason. And I didn’t abuse my little freedom.

But here were some things I discovered while limiting my time on Facebook:

Life without Facebook makes real life conversations more interesting! My conversations with MKB became more interesting this week because the news he had to share with me was NEW news! I didn’t have to sit through him telling me a story & then have to sheepishly say, “Ya, I saw that on Facebook.” & then watch him roll his eyes & huff because he detests Facebook.

Facebook is very commercial! On Friday when I was browsing for info on the games, I noticed a lot of my news feed is ads! Somewhere a long the way I must have “liked” every business & company in the world because I had to weed through a lot of ads before finding news on the boy’s games.

I didn’t miss it. I thought I’d go nuts not knowing that Sheila (my artificial friend) had cleaned her house, baked some cookies, coached the soccer team & then made a killer tater tot casserole for supper. Not knowing every minute of everyone’s day gave me more time to actually DO stuff in my own home that badly needed attention. Remember in my last post where I complained about the junk in my store-room. Well it is all gone, sent off to the consignment shop & my store-room is spic & span! Not to mention the rest of my house.

But I did miss some people. Certain people did come to mind through out the day. I connect with a lot of friends from my past on Facebook as well as some friends I’ve actually never met in person, but love them just the same. I missed them & knowing how they were. These people are not like annoying Sheila. These people post inspiring, funny & helpful info. They use Facebook for good, not evil. Not that bragging is evil. I just couldn’t find a better way to end that sentence.

I realized I was a Facebook bragger! So disgusted in myself, but I have posted things that are annoying, just like Sheila. When I return to Facebook full-time, I will NOT be using it as my personal brag board!

I am still on my little break, but I will probably allow myself to comment on other people’s posts. Especially on the ones where I can offer a prayer or a congratulations! Those are the things I love about Facebook & I don’t think I could do a clean break forever simply because of that. Connecting through technology is a really great thing, as long as you keep it real. I wonder how many posts on Facebook are made up or exaggerated just a little? Makes me think of that commercial with the girl who says “they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true.” If only THAT were true!

Alright, carry on kids! I’ve got more to share about things I’ve discovered while living without Facebook, blogs & email, but that’s all for today. Being on here is eating away at precious family time!

So til next time, kids…keep it real!





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