Longing For A Simpler Time in the Wake of Tragedy

I’d like to take a little bit of time today to share my feelings on the tragedy in Boston. Last I knew, no one had “claimed’ their part in this senseless act, so we don’t know if this is “home grown” terrorism or foreign. Let me just say, that is what makes me mad. Those two labels…home grown or foreign terrorism. We are no longer safe here, at home, or abroad. We are quickly beginning to look like the countries wars are fought in. Burned out buildings & cars with injured innocent people running everywhere asking “why?”.

What has this world come to? That is what everyone says at a time like this, isn’t it? But you really have to wonder. Last night I was watching a special on National Geographic called The 1980’s, The Decade That Made Us. According to the show, the ’80’s was American greed at it’s finest. We all wanted more & we wanted it fast. Cell phones, PC’s, video recorders, VCR’s, & the internet all came to fruition in the ’80’s, all adding to the “bigger, better” everything way of life. And believe me, I love every single one of those inventions. I don’t know what I’d do without any of them. But as I was watching, I couldn’t help but think of all the problems those inventions have brought upon us. The Internet may be the worst of them all. Instant information is at everyone’s finger tips. Not just me, who wants to connect with friends from 20 years ago, but also any evil person wanting to learn how to build a bomb, find an address of an enemy, or a foreign dictator wanting information on where to find the most vulnerable target in the USA.

It is scary & it makes me want to go back to a simpler time. A time before all of the mass media played & replayed horrific events on the tv & Internet. I’m not saying naivety is bliss, but are we any better off seeing these images & hearing about the events over & over? In my opinion we are not, but the people that are trying to learn how to pull off a similar event or action are benefiting greatly.

5110746-old-american-flagCan we ever go back? Can we ever regain the simpler life? 20,000 people signed up for a race & did their best to finish. But because of an evil person or persons, it turned into a tragedy. That now makes marathons, movie theaters, churches, shopping malls & schools unsafe places. It’s not right & I’m left with such unsettled feelings.


Til next time, kids. Hold your family tight, tell them you love them & inspire each of them to be the change of the world. Life doesn’t have to be this scary. This is America! Someone has to do something & it has to begin now, with us.



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