Plexus Tri-Plex Combo Review

I’m on a quest yet again to get my gut healthy. Long time followers know I have EBV, Epstein Barr Virus, one of many fun autoimmune diseases. There is no cure, but you can manage it. I have been able to manage my symptoms quite well with diet over the last 6 years but the older I get, the more symptoms start to develop. The latest being joint pain. My worst symptom is this odd body rash I get. I break out in an uncontrollable itch if I am stressed, nervous, sweaty, eat too many sweets, really just about anything will bring it on.  I can fight it with antihistamines, but I am a person that likes to put as little OTC’s in my body as possible.  After some research, I know that a lot of my EBV symptoms go hand in hand with a yeast over growth, more commonly known as Candida.
During my research on how to rid my body of too much yeast, I learned that you need a combination of a few vitamins, minerals & herbs to do the job. I was taking a handful of Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, B12 complex, acidophilus, olive leaf & a few other things. Because I am NOT a good pill taker, I wasn’t consistent & I gradually slacked off & then altogether quit taking all those pills.

Tri- Plex Combo

Tri- Plex Combo

I’ve never given up my research & I recently discovered Plexus. Well, not recently, but I guess I finally stopped & paid attention to what they have to offer. They are a direct sales company that sells natural supplements to help with weight loss, diabetes control, joint pain & detox. Detox is what I am interested in. I read about their Tri-Plex combo package that contains a 30 day supply of ProBio5, which is a pro-biotic that helps promote good gut bacteria, like what you get in yogurt, only more of it, Bio Cleanse which claims to oxygenate & energize your body. It contains Magnesium & Vitamin C so instead of taking 6 pills twice a day, I’m taking 2 Bio Cleanse twice a day & 1 ProBio 5 once a day. Way easier for me to handle!  The final product is a drink mix called Plexus Slim. It is mostly for weight loss from what I can tell because it’s main selling point is that it should be taken 30 minutes before a meal to help curb your appetite, but it also promotes increased energy & will help you maintain a healthy blood pressure & blood sugar levels.
Today is my 1st full day on these supplements & I haven’t noticed much from the ProBio 5 & the Bio Cleanse, but I didn’t expect to yet. The Plexus Slim has given me a nice energy boost & my mid day funk hasn’t happened & it tastes YUMMY! But it hasn’t curbed my desire for sweets. I inhaled 2 Krackle fun size bars while typing this post out. But maybe over the next few days my sugar cravings will go away. We shall wait & see.

I will post updates at least twice a week throughout the next 30 days to give anyone interested in trying these products a true, honest, real time review. I do not sell Plexus & I am not being compensated for this month long review. My hopes are that if there are others out there with similar issues to mine will find this review helpful if they are trying to decide if Plexus will work for them. It is not a cheap product & there is an auto ship, 2 things that don’t thrill me, but I’m so sick & tired of being sick & tired that I felt it was worth a try.
If you are interested in trying Plexus, I can put you in touch with a representative, or ambassador, as they call themselves. 🙂

On November 6th, I decided this Plexus stuff was working so well, I  joined the company. If I can help just one other person feel as good as I do, I will be so happy!
To learn more about this wonderful product & company, please click this link:


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