Plexus Review, Week 2

This is how I literally feel inside! I am jumping for JOY!

This is how I literally feel inside! I am jumping for JOY!

Well here I am. Closing in on my 2nd full week of taking Plexus! I have good things to report & one bad. 🙂

Good thing is that my energy level has stayed stable all 12 days I’ve been taking the products. I wake up with energy & it stays the same all day long, meaning I don’t get a spike right after drinking my drink (which I try to do every morning at 9 am) & I don’t then plummet mid day. I honestly don’t know if I’ve EVER woken up WITH energy & I always used to crash between 2 & 3 pm, so this is something new & amazing to me!

Also, my mood has continued to be cheery & positive. I haven’t worried about a single thing for the past 2 weeks. And it’s not because I have nothing to worry about. I have 2 teen girls. I have plenty to worry about. It’s just that the ProBio 5 & Slim are working together to level out my hormones, which in turn is helping me to not make mountains out of mole hills. My family is grateful for this. I tended to be a bit dramatic before. :/

And speaking of my family. My girls are in the middle of conditioning for basketball this week. It’s grueling & they come home exhausted. I asked them if they wanted to try the Slim to help them feel better. Both girls tried it. One hated the taste & wouldn’t drink it, the other drank it after a morning conditioning practice & said she felt great the rest of her day & said she’s sure if she wouldn’t have taken it, she wouldn’t have felt as good.

And my sleep has continued to be excellent. I have woken up a few times this past week, but have been able to get right back to sleep. It didn’t take me 2-3 hours like it used to. Again…something new & amazing to me!! 🙂

Now the bad. And honestly it’s not really bad. I finally remembered to take my measurements & over the past week I have not lost anymore inches. I have lost 1 pound though! 😀 I have read that some people actually will gain a little weight when they start this program & then when their gut starts to heal…after about 3 weeks…that is when people start experiencing weight loss. And again, I didn’t start this to lose weight. My 1st priority is to heal my gut, which it is. I have ordered the Boost & the Block to see what that is like. Even though I don’t obsess over my weight, it would be nice to drop about 5-8 pounds. They kinda crept up on me since my last birthday & while it doesn’t bug me all that much, I know I’d feel better to be back at my normal weight.

So that is it for week 2! I am excited for week 3! These last 2 weeks have been so awesome, I can only imagine how great it’s going to continue to get! If you have questions or testimonies to share, I’d love for you to leave them in the comments!!



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