Ok, Auto Immune Disorder Suffers, Listen Up!

A fellow EBV sufferer sent an article to me that was SO eye opening. It was the most comprehensive article I had ever read about the disease, but sadly it was not written by a doctor…well, not one in the mainstream sense of the word. The author is Anthony William, a medium. Don’t lose me here! He is very educated in natural healing & once you get past the Spirit sitting on his shoulder bit, the rest is very informative. You can read his article here: The Medical Medium.

Wow, huh?! SO many diseases can be traced back to this horrible virus that most people poo~poo & just choose to believe you are lazy because you are tired & never want to do anything.

I looked up his book that this chapter was taken out of & it had a lot of 5 Star reviews so I almost got it. Then I read a review that stated the author ran a contest where if you place a positive review on Amazon, you’d receive a free gift & be entered to win a cash prize. Well, duh…who wouldn’t run on over to Amazon & leave a positive review with that carrot dangled in front of them?! Also, there were a few reviews that said Mr. William did not go into how many supplements to take & what dosage & there also wasn’t a diet or menu outlined in the book. So I went on my own research journey.

It didn’t take me long because if you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll know I’ve been researching this for 6 years. But everything I come up with is A LOT to take. Meaning, 6-8 pills, 2-3 times a day. I am not a good pill taker so today I researched some different options from Vitacost.com. I have been a customer of Vitacost for more years than I can count. I trust them & have never had a bad experience with them or their products. Our kids haven’t been to the doctor for a sniffle or otherwise for I don’t know how long because of the supplements we give them from Vitacost. We’ve saved $1,000’s because of this awesome company!

Ok, so onto what I found. When you are an EBV sufferer, you need to clean/detox your liver. To do this, you need Probiotics & n-acetyl cysteine (glutathione). My husband & girls already use a Pro Biotic from there called Futurebiotics Longest Living Acidophilus. Now, I on the other hand have been using the Probio5 from Plexus, but that only had 2 of the recommended strains of Acidophilus recommended for a full detox & the Futurbiotics brand has all 3: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium Longum & Rhamnosus. So I am going to go with what we’ve been using in the past, the Futurebiotics. For the n-acetyl cysteine, I found one at Vitacost with great reviews!

Next you need supplements to boost your immune system.
Vitamins C, A & E.
B Complex that has B’s: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12 & biotin.

THAT would be a lot of pills to take. I looked at some multivitamins both from Vitacost & from Plexus & I couldn’t find any one product that contained everything that was mentioned above.
So then I thought about a vitamin fortified protein powder. I typed that into the search engine on Vitacost & I found Green Foods True Vitality Plant Protein Shake. It has EVERY SINGLE vitamin & mineral mentioned above. Score!!

Next, you need a Co-Enzyme Q10. I found a good one on Vitacost, actually their brand. Reviews were good except there is a strong taste & smell of sulfur, but if you put it into your protein shake, it’s undetectable! SCORE again!

I have this stuff in my cart at Vitacost as we speak & will be checking out soon. Just need to check my cupboards & make sure we don’t need anything else! I always place an order & then 2 days later discover we are out of the girl’s vitamins or something! Ugh!!

I love the Plexus products & I know I was seeing & getting results, but I have such a severe case of EBV that I believe I need something stronger to attack the virus & rid it from my system! Wish me luck!!


PS: all links in this post are clickable & take you directly to that product. I am not a doctor & cannot tell you this is a cure or will work for you. I am just sharing what I think can work for me!
I am not being compensated by Vitacost in anyway.


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