Testimony Tuesday ~ Plexus for Weight Loss

I am thrilled with all the messages & questions I am getting about Plexus! Please keep them coming because they are helping me to learn more & more about this amazing company & their products!
One popular question I am getting is about Plexus for weight loss. And I understand, this time of year is so hard to keep your weight in check, let alone take some off! So why not get a little help? I saw Natalie’s story yesterday & just loved it! Because of Plexus she got to look her best on her wedding day. She was full of confidence & just beamed in her wedding pictures! Take a look at her story….

Natalie Patton

Natalie Patton

To say that I am pleased with my results so far with Plexus would be a vast understatement. The 1st picture was taken just two weeks before I started with Plexus. I had lost all my baby weight thanks to nursing and was actually content with my body. I’d had a baby and I thought this was as good as it would get. But I was drained and exhausted all the time. I woke up each day just to look forward to going back to bed each night. Then I was introduced to Plexus and decided to give it a try to see if it would help with energy. Well it has done that and much more!ย 

The 2nd picture was taken this past weekend at our wedding reception. Seeing the look on my husband’s face when he first saw me in my dress was priceless. Being able to walk down those stairs with confidence when introduced by the DJ was priceless. And it is all because I took a leap of faith on these amazing products and this awesome company. Not only have I lost the weight that I’ve been gradually putting on since high school, but I’ve got more energy, I’m sleeping better, I’m eating better because I don’t crave junk all the time, and I’ve been able to stick to an exercise routine for longer than just a few weeks.

Isn’t that amazing & inspiring! I have just started taking the Boost & Block products & will be doing my personal review of them at the end of the week. I am a big sugar junkie & it will be wonderful to be rid of those cravings! I believe I’ve already kicked the pop habit & I’ve noticed that I’m not wanting my morning cup of coffee anymore. I’d much rather have my Pink Drink! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Progress!!

Seriously if you’ve been thinking about asking me about these products please just ask! I would LOVE to share information with you! I would LOVE for all of my friends and family to experience what I have so far. With me there is never any pressure. I just want everyone to feel amazing like I know they can! No need to be going through the motions of life! It’s time to start living it again!


Plexus Review, Week 2

This is how I literally feel inside! I am jumping for JOY!

This is how I literally feel inside! I am jumping for JOY!

Well here I am. Closing in on my 2nd full week of taking Plexus! I have good things to report & one bad. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good thing is that my energy level has stayed stable all 12 days I’ve been taking the products. I wake up with energy & it stays the same all day long, meaning I don’t get a spike right after drinking my drink (which I try to do every morning at 9 am) & I don’t then plummet mid day. I honestly don’t know if I’ve EVER woken up WITH energy &ย I always used to crash between 2 & 3 pm, so this is something new & amazing to me!

Also, my mood has continued to be cheery & positive. I haven’t worried about a single thing for the past 2 weeks. And it’s not because I have nothing to worry about. I have 2 teen girls. I have plenty to worry about. It’s just that the ProBio 5 & Slim are working together to level out my hormones, which in turn is helping me to not make mountains out of mole hills. My family is grateful for this. I tended to be a bit dramatic before. :/

And speaking of my family. My girls are in the middle of conditioning for basketball this week. It’s grueling & they come home exhausted. I asked them if they wanted to try the Slim to help them feel better. Both girls tried it. One hated the taste & wouldn’t drink it, the other drank it after a morning conditioning practice & said she felt great the rest of her day & said she’s sure if she wouldn’t have taken it, she wouldn’t have felt as good.

And my sleep has continued to be excellent. I have woken up a few times this past week, but have been able to get right back to sleep. It didn’t take me 2-3 hours like it used to. Again…something new & amazing to me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now the bad. And honestly it’s not really bad. I finally remembered to take my measurements & over the past week I have not lost anymore inches. I have lost 1 pound though! ๐Ÿ˜€ย I have read that some people actually will gain a little weight when they start this program & then when their gut starts to heal…after about 3 weeks…that is when people start experiencing weight loss. And again, I didn’t start this to lose weight. My 1st priority is to heal my gut, which it is. I have ordered the Boost & the Block to see what that is like. Even though I don’t obsess over my weight, it would be nice to drop about 5-8 pounds. They kinda crept up on me since my last birthday & while it doesn’t bug me all that much, I know I’d feel better to be back at my normal weight.

So that is it for week 2! I am excited for week 3! These last 2 weeks have been so awesome, I can only imagine how great it’s going to continue to get! If you have questions or testimonies to share, I’d love for you to leave them in the comments!!


Plexus Review, Week 1

I’ve almost made it to the end of week one! It has been a GREAT week! I am so impressed with this Plexus stuff! ๐Ÿ˜›

I was too excited to just write about it, so I decided I would just shoot a quick video! Take a look at the changes I have experienced!

Something I forgot to say is my tummy bloat is gone! Not only is that cool that I look better in my jeans, but with that bloat gone it tells me for sure that the junk in my gut is being cleaned out & is being restored to maximum health because of the Plexus TriPlex Combo! So ya, I’m pretty much sold on the product. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you used Plexus? I’d love to hear your experience with it! Leave a comment below!
If you want to TRY Plexus for the 1st time, please visit my site & check out all we have to offer!ย And PS!!! There is FREE shipping this month! I guess that doesn’t happen very often, so now would be the time to try I guess! ๐Ÿ˜› shopmyplexus.com/sarahboyerย