Day 1 of Yeast Free Diet

I thought I’d outline what day 1 of being yeast free is going to look like for me. If you are following along, share what your 1st day will look like. Suffering is more fun in groups!

I started off my day by walking into the corner of a door. I don’t suggest you do this. It’s painful & you sound stupid when you try to explain you really DID walk into a door.

Next, I made a cup of French Vanilla Chia Tea. I normally drink an English Toffee coffee drink, so thought this may be similar. It’s not. I’m just not a big hot tea person. Give me iced tea any day of the week & I’m happy. Hot tea, not so much. But I need something hot in the morning & I don’t like plain coffee, so this will have to do.

For breakfast I had 1/2 of a cold left over hamburger w/o any toppings or bun. Sounds gross probably, but it really is yummy. I never have time to make a breakfast, so I usually grab something from the fridge or pantry that is easy to shove in my mouth & not messy. Today it was a hamburger. I did buy myself some pomegranate multigrain oatmeal, but by time I realized I was starving, I didn’t feel like waiting 2 minutes for oatmeal.

I took a probiotic supplement after I ate because as my body gets rid of all the bad flora from my gut (again, yummy!) I need to replace it with good flora. I can do this by eating yogurt & taking the supplement. I buy all my supplements & vitamins from They are a great company that carries a lot of different vitamins & supplements. I’ve never had a problem with them, except their shipping is extremely slow. Expect a week for your items to get to you if you order from them. Through their refer a friend program, you can get $10 off your purchase & I’ll receive a $10 credit towards my next purchase with them! 🙂 Win~Win! Follow this link:

For lunch I plan on having a stuffed green pepper. This is also a left-over from the weekend. I had made Philly Steak & Cheese green peppers with sautéed onions & mushrooms & they were SOOO good! I’ll have to forgo the cheese, but I can eat the rest.

For snack I plan on having some pumpkin seeds & celery sticks with peanut butter.

For supper we are having pepper steak over brown rice & green beans as the side. I’m totally getting all my “greens” in today! And that is basically all you need to know to follow this diet. You can eat any green vegetable to your hearts content. All other veggies are ok, but green are the best.  No fruit, no sugars, no breads, no dairy…the end. Oh, & no alcohol. 😦

I will be drinking my lemon water throughout the day as well. Lots & lots of it. I weighed all the benefits of lemon water compared to plain water & figured that 1 slice of lemon a day was not going to sabotage my yeast/sugar detox. I was worried about the extra sugar, but lemons are a natural dextoxer, so I think I’ll be fine.

So that is the plan for the day. Hopefully I’ll stick with it! It shouldn’t be hard because I’m trying to look at these next two weeks as an opportunity to try new foods. Last night I ate salmon for supper, I never do that because everyone else here hates fish. It was yummy! A little evoo, a little basil & dill. Scrumptious!!

I’ll report back tomorrow & let you know if I stuck to the plan & how I am feeling. I will be weighing myself later, I was going to do it earlier, but running into the door knocked me a little silly & I forgot why I was in the bathroom after that. Not sure if I’ll post my weight, but I will write it down & at the end of 2 weeks I’ll be able to tell you how much I’ve lost. I’m also going to take measurements of my muffin top, tree trunks & bat wings…tummy, thighs & arms. I am hoping to lose a lot from those problem areas! Especially the muffin top!!

MKB is trying to get me to do that Insanity work-out. He said since he’s going yeast free, I should go insane with him. (skipping obvious joke here) Jury is still out on that. I hate to “work out”. I like to take walks, do a little yoga or Pilates, but not all that jumping & hoping around. I’m supposed to look up the infomercial on YouTube today & let him know what I think. Do ya think I can still claim “brain fog” & forget to look it up??

Ok, that’s all for now kiddos. Have a great Monday! Go make someone smile!



Yeast Detox Diet

I’ve got so much stuff going on in my life, I decided to add one more! 🙂 I have started a yeast detox diet.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a condition called Epstein Barr Syndrom. To keep this simple & short, it is basically chronic mono. Each persons symptoms are different. When I was first diagnosed I was fatigued, had severe mind fog, body rash, terrible short term memory and depression. I tried to find “cures” for EBV, but there just aren’t any. All you can do is change your diet. Which I did. Since 2009 I’ve been eating much better, trying very hard to quit my pop addiction and I exercise my brain.

Last year I found a website called The Yeast Diet. Since I already knew nutrition played a big part in my EBV flare ups, I sat and read through what Whitney Frazier had to say. She has a wonderful diet plan to help rid your body of yeast build up. Yeast is something that can wreck havoc on an EBV sufferer. Sadly I didn’t have the will power to follow her diet last year, but this year I do! I started this week!

She offers many recipes that make it easy to cut yeast from your diet in her cookbook, Candida Diet Cookbook. 



This afternoon I had a tomato & cucumber sandwich with light miracle whip on a whole wheat bun. See, you can have some breads with yeast, as long as you limit them & make them the good breads!

For supper we are having pepper steak served on rice with green beans. Totally something I would’ve made for supper pre-diet. So this isn’t hard at all. I’m looking forward to feeling even better & hopefully getting rid of the last symptom I have of my EBV, which is the body rash. There is nothing out there, except allergy pills, that will get rid of this stupid, itchy rash! I hate to pop pills, so I’m really hopeful riding my body of yeast over growth will help me!

I’ll be reporting back from time to time with my results. The detox lasts 3 weeks. She has a group detox going on right now on Facebook. If you’d like to join, follow this link: Group Yeast Detox. Yeast over growth is the cause of many serious conditions. If you visit Whitney’s site, you’ll learn it causes everything from “recurring yeast infections, digestive problems, gas and bloating, headaches, fatigue, frequent illness, depression, mood swings and even joint pain.”

Alrighty, til next time, kids…