Meet sjb!


Hi there! I’m Sarah J. Boyer, or as I like to call myself on this blog, sjb!
I’m just a small town girl with lots on her mind! No one here listens to me anymore, so I’m expanding my audience.

I love to write, cook, get healthy, makeup, hair & fashion and all things retro. Most of all I love being a wife and mother.

I have many interests.  Hardly one single thing ties into another, but that’s what makes me unique I guess.

During the week I am a fill in mommy for little humans whose moms have to go to work.  I’ll do anything from playing in the fall leaves with the kids to rocking a fussy baby for hours at a time.  The name of the game around here is learn to be flexible!

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or pop (soda if ya live anywhere but here!) and get to know me better!  Ya may learn something, ya may find something funny to brighten your day, you may be inspired!  Hard to tell, but I hope ya just have fun while you’re here!

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